User Experience (UX)

We are at the beginning of the digital revolution, which is an excellent time to request the services of a UX Designer.   

It takes 12 positive experience to compensate 1 negative. 70% of the purchase decision is made by the way the customer feels in relation to the product. 

The biggest barriers in the User Experience are not design and technology, but culture and governance.


User Personas


User Personas

Profile: Goals, Background, Age, Gender, Behaviors, Spending Habits, Pain Points, Needs.

Scenario map

Create User Flow

Scenario map

Based on the scenario map and the user flow, we create a page for one or some main tasks, linked together.


Exploring the designs

Interaction Prototypes

Making sure that UI and UX works well together and, reaching the goal that we want them to achieve.

UX Info

UX Benefits 

Use of Search vs. Navigation
Increase success rate of scenario
Reduce development effort
Increase satisfaction and loyalty 
Bring opportunities to earn more


Scenario map of the user
Needs and interests
Reactions and limits
User goals

Design Thinking 


Mapping experiences

The purpose of User Experience Mapping is to understand what customers
go through and improve the quality of your customer experience, ensuring consistency and a seamless experience at all touchpoints and across all channels.

Research & Strategy 100%
Wireframes 81%
User Testing 97%
Analytics and A/B Testing 90%