Digital Strategy

Successful online presence involves a digital strategy


Deep dive evaluation of your complete promotional environment, from your business goal, website, landing pages to your social media campaigns, looking also on external / internal environment and on current marketing strategy.


Knowing the benchmarks is essential because if your metrics don’t compare favorably — or at least keep pace with the average — that means there’s room for improvement.

Benchmarks by industry data you should see: average click-through rate, average cost per click, average conversion rate, average cost per action.


Media plan choosing right channels and using tactics as: SEO, PPC Marketing, Content Marketing (Blogging & Article Writing), Social Media Marketing, Video Production, Website Design A/B Testing, Landing Page Strategy, Call-To-Action Strategy, Link Building/Earning, Infographic Design, Marketing Automation, Lead Nurture Strategy


We are estimating specific digital marketing KPIs, to determine targets and goals and to measure performance based on those values, focusing on top digital marketing metrics that you need to start tracking and measure your online performance: Web traffic sources, Brand awareness, Cost per lead, Website traffic leads, Returning visitors, Online conversion rates, Lead conversion rates, Click thru rate, Customer lifetime value.

Strategy Development

Strategy Development

  • Social and economic context
  • Competition analysis
  • User target analysis
  • Digital presence analysis
  • Digital SWOT
  • Defining digital reputation
  • Defining digital objectives
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Brand scope

Brand scope

  • Brand is resides in the minds of users and it translates into loyalty.
  • We are setting a list of products, services, communications and actions that users are expecting from you, displaying why consumers should choose this particular brand.
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Media Plan

Media Plan

  • Together we decide  where, when, and how often we will run an advertisement in order to maximize engagements and ROI
  • We are using Social Media, Web landing pages, Paid campaigns, Articles, all in accordance with GDPR.
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Digital Marketing and Communication Strategy

Analyse. Plan. Evaluate. Optimize 

We operate as an external marketing department.

We are your own digital B2B » B2C strategy laboratory, creating, testing and implementing solutions for your business. We offer customers the opportunity to pay not a salary, but only deductible costs each month.

The expertise of our senior consultants, at the expense of an employee.

Audit 97%
Strategy 100%
Activation 93%
Performance 100%